Your partner for language solutions

GlobalTech Translations provides language services that enable customers to keep their enterprise content accurate and well-structured according to the relevant industry standards.

Specialized in the technical and legal fields, GlobalTech Translations offers high-quality language services from English and German into Arabic and French. You will find here an overview of our translation and interpreting services, as well as a brief description of our core competencies and areas of expertise.

Our Strengths

Use of industry-approved terminology
Use of client specific glossaries to achieve a high level of acceptance within the target market
Comprehensive language services
Personal contact and transparent prices
Sound understanding of the languages and cultures we work with

Technical translation

Over the last years, we have handled projects mainly in the following fields:

  1. IT
    MES solutions for production plants
    Planning and operational control systems
    CAD/CAM software
    CNC software solutions
    SAP based applications
    CRM and ERP systems
    SaaS and Cloud applications
    Data Profiling
    Output Management solutions
    GUI Localization for industrial applications
  2. Security
    Encryption platforms
    Point-to-Point applications
    Monitoring and diagnosis systems
    BACnet access control systems
  3. Telecoms
    HFC Networks
    Transmission protocols
    Network modules
    Multiplexing procedures
    Unified Communication Solutions
  4. Automation
    Fieldbus solutions
    Process control technologies
    Drive technology
  5. Industrial equipment
    CNC machines
    Security signaling systems
    HSC machines
    Protection and switching devices
    Plastics engineering (extrusion plants, packaging and film production)
  6. Energy
    Photovoltaic modules
    Solar trackers
    Electrical equipment

Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries or require a quotation, we will endeavour to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.