The quiter you become, the more you are able to hear...

@[email protected] Saturday, 28th August 2021

Gaslighters have only one thing in mind: distort reality through manipulation in order to force a certain outcome. Now, if you happen to have read something about social engineering, you'll notice that gaslighting is just another mental trick for hacking people's judgment and behavior. What's quite disturbing about gaslighting though, is that its perpetrators are manipulative psychopaths hiding behind their masks.

Why putting all your data in Google's basket is not a good idea

@[email protected] Saturday, 14th August 2021

Anybody running a business knows the golden rule: “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. In the case of Google, this rule becomes even more important as the following post shows. It all began last weekend while I was updating the business profile on Google MyBusiness. I uploaded some new files and reported a picture before switching to the title section in order to update some data. And then, it suddenly happened: Bam! Account suspended.

Mon conseil aux ressortissants des pays du Maghreb souhaitant poursuivre leurs études à l’étranger

@[email protected] Saturday, 20th March 2021

J’ai longtemps hésité avant de rédiger ce billet, mais je pense que le temps est venu de le faire.

J’espère que la présente contribution vous servira de source d’inspiration avant de postuler auprès des universités étrangères.

Applying Principles of Object-Oriented Design to Create Information Molecules

@[email protected] Monday, 2nd August 2021


Information molecules represent the core elements of the compounds that populate an information 4.0 system. Due to their self-contained character and minimalist nature, information molecules allow for a much greater flexibility in terms of content modeling and information production.

The aim of the present post is to illustrate how the integration of principles of Object-Oriented Design can improve the abstraction level of molecular information, hence increasing the overall efficiency of an information system.

Random Thoughts About the Federation/Fediverse

@[email protected] Saturday, 29th May 2021

Saying goodbye to centralized platforms

My first encounter with federated networks was through Diaspora. At the time, I was already aware of the harm caused by centralized, monopolistic platforms, both in terms of privacy and of power abuse. I had just shut down the Face*k account I was using during the Arab Spring, and started embedding the FSF logo in all my blog posts. My Diaspora account was hosted on an independently run server, a pod in Diaspora's terminology.