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Online Verb Checker for the ASD-STE100 Specification

What is ASD-STE100?

Originally developed by the ”European Association of Aerospace Industries“ (AECMA), now ”AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe“ (ASD), The ASD-STE100 specification was created for the international readers of aerospace maintenance documentation. Since English was not the native language of the technical staff using the maintenance documentation, it was necessary to establish a standard that guarantees the use of simple and clear sentences. The motivation behind the project was to ensure a safe and proper execution of instructions in the aerospace industry.

What is the purpose of this online checker?

Today, the ASD-STE100 specification allows technical communicators from different industry sectors to create technical documentation in a controlled language. STE stands for Simplified Technical English. The specification includes a controlled dictionary, with a set of approved and non-approved verbs.

While trying to apply the specification, you may have a hard time switching back and forth between multiple PDF files to locate a specific term. This online checker helps you identify the relevant terms automatically.

Please note that this project is a work in progress. Beware of “false positives” and if you have any suggestions, just drop an email to: alami[at]globaltech-translations[dot]com

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